Law Office of Jennifer A. Halperin


Welcome to the Law Office of Jennifer A. Halperin, where clients are provided with high-quality and professional legal services. Whether your case is large or small, this Los Angeles based office can provide the guidance necessary to assist you through your family law related issues. 

Many family law cases can be resolved with minimal litigation when the parties are able to reach an agreement. In such cases, this law firm can assist you in formalizing your agreement so that it is recognized as a court order.  

However, this firm also recognizes that sometimes it is in the best interest of the Client to litigate their family law disputes. Family law cases require substantial knowledge regarding civil litigation as well as a strong courtroom presence. Jennifer A. Halperin possesses the specialized knowledge necessary to litigate your family law case as needed.

This multifaceted law firm provides a wide range of legal services at affordable prices. To request a complimentary consultation regarding your legal matter, call (818) 262-7991.