Law Office of Jennifer A. Halperin
Family Law Attorney

As a sole practitioner, family law attorney, my firm provides high-quality and professional legal services for family law related matters including but not limited to: divorce, legal separation, annulment, child support, spousal support, child custody, visitation and domestic violence restaining orders.

Whether the case is large or small, requires intense litigation or is amicable, my clients receive the guidance necessary to assist through family law related issues. Furthermore, as a boutique firm, individualized attention is provided to each client, which helps resolve matters more quickly.

I am keenly aware of the emotional challenges involved in family law matters and always do my best to handle my cases with care and sensitivity, especially when children are involved. 

As a small firm, I am able to keep my fees more affordable than many of the larger firms. My clients know that when they hire me, they will not have an inexperienced associate handling their file, but rather will be working with me directly. To request a complimentary consultation regarding your legal matter, call (818) 262-7991.